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Plum Olives with sea salt



TREA Plum Olives are carefully gathered by hand, at the right time of ripening to protect the fruit, from trees grown in selected olive groves of Arkadia. They are naturally ripened by the sun and tempered by the salty air. Plum Olives are traditionally cured in brine with sea salt, vinegar, and oregano that allows them to naturally season.

Food with Origin: Plum Variety from Astros Village – Arkadia

Tasting Profile:  FIRM – Robust and meaty to match their imposing size.

Serving Suggestions: Ideal for cocktails or sliced and added to a pasta salad or risotto.



  Unit Carton Pallet
Items Shelf-Life Seasonality Gross WT (g) Pieces Gross WT (Kg) Cartons per pallet
Plum Olives with sea salt 300g 24 months Year round 520 12 6.46 90